Monday, October 26, 2009

Corn Anyone?

Matt and I went to a corn maze with Jerrad, Lisa, Peyton, and Riley. It was a good time. About 5 minutes after this picture was taken, it POURED!!! HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!

Updating the Farm House

New siding on our house! It looks like a brand new house. We are so blessed to have this done.

2nd Annual Hitchings Fall Festival

Well we survived another Hitchings Fall Festival. We really appreciate everyone who helped and brought food. There was a good spread of deer, turkey, buffalo chicken dip, brownies, and so on. After the sun went down, it seemed to get a lot colder but singing karaoke warmed you up. We also had a nice little fireworks display put on by some neighbors.
It was a good time. Matt and I want to say thanks and hope to see you next year.

Matt's 30th Bday Weekend!


Matt and I went to Fayettevill, AR again
for his birthday. The razorbacks played
Georgia. It was a really good time. The
night before, we went and saw BOOM
KINETIC. They are an 80's cover band.
Matt has known the leader singer, Wiley,
for a long time. So it was great to see him
and his band!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remodeling Our Kitchen

NEW KITCHEN!! Matt worked really hard.
My mom, Matt, and my dad hanging drywall. I'm taping and getting ready to mud.
My hard working plumber.

Well Matt and I got a wild hair and decided to remodel our kitchen. My mom and dad came down and helped us with the drywall and everything else. Matt and I learned a lot and worked hard. We got a new color on the main wall and a new countertop. That red color is now in our living room too. I painted the south wall and we LOVE it!! Thea came down to help us too. She helped me rearrange things in the kitchen and hang up pictures in the living room. It was a long couple of days but it was worth it at the end. We love our new kitchen! Bon Appetit!!

Harley's 1st Birthday!!

Harley turned 1!!! He had a great time at his birthday party. It seemed he new exactly how to act when opening his presents. It seemed every present he opened his reaction was like the one in this picture. He was really adorable sharing with all the kids at the party too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Andrew and Matt holding on!
Well the Hitchings had another weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. Andrew got us a really cool log cabin for the night. We bbq and had a good visit. The next day, we took a boat out and got a lot of sun.