Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Ski Trip

Mary and I have been blessed enough the last couple winters to take a couple trips to ski in Colorado. We didn't make it this year, so decided we would stay closer to home and take an evening to ski at Hidden Valley Ski Area near St. Louis. So for Valentine's Day, we hit the slopes and had a nice night away.
Of course the resort is nothing like out West, but it does have a pretty good slope and some good runs. Because of the lack of natural snow this year, all the snow was man-made. That made the terrain very icy and treacherous at places. We made all the runs, although Mary almost died in a wipe-out on the most difficult, black diamond run. I continued to ski until my legs gave out while she waited at the lodge by the firepit. She's a little sore, but is still walking and excited for the next trip out west.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Isn't My Husband Sweet?

Look at these beautiful roses that my loving husband sent me! Yep you can stop counting because there are a dozen!! Happy Valentine's Day!

The Beginning

Well, Mary and I decided it was finally time to catch up with the youngsters and start "blogging." Actually, Tim and Megan came up with a blog and doesn't everybody strive to KEEP UP WITH THE JOHNSONS? We are not really sure what we will ever share on here, as our lives are relatively boring, but we can always lie and make things up. So enjoy!